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If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Armstrong at (812) 259-2990.

First PTO meeting notes from Nancy.

For those of you who were unable to make it to the PTO meeting……..

We discussed some of the projects we have been working on. We know that no one wants to be asked to sell something every month. The budget needs for the school have not changed. We still need to reach our fundraising goals. We are implementing a “work smarter, not harder” plan for this year. We will be continuing with our “community” type fundraisers such as the 5K, Haunted High, etc… (we may add a few more fun events for the whole community to join in), but we will have TWO main, catalog, door-to-door type fundraisers. The first one will be in October and it will be gifts and magazines. The entire school, K-12th, will sell at this time. The second one will be in February and will be cookie dough (K-12th). We ask that you put a lot of extra effort into these two fundraisers. If we achieve our goals on these two fundraisers there would be no need for us to have a monthly fundraiser next year. The reason these two fundraisers were chosen is because they are both offered by Great American and Great American has a tuition incentive program. By selling through Great American, your child can earn money towards college. They currently have over 360 private colleges all over the country participating, but they continue to add more. Here’s how it works…if you sell $100 worth of product that is equal to $1,000 towards college. If you sell $250 worth of product that is equal to $2,500 towards college. Students can earn the max of $2,500 during EACH of the fundraisers for a total of $5,000 per year. So, current kindergartens could earn up to $65,000 by the time they graduate!! AND if your child chooses to attend a college not on the list, that money can then be passed down to a sibling, cousin, nephew etc.. The children will still be able to earn the regular toy prizes, but now with incentive to not have a monthly fundraiser on the line and actual money for college, it’s more important than ever to do our best with these two fundraisers. If you have any questions about the tuition rewards please comment or message me.

These two fundraisers do not take the place of class or group fundraising for a specific goal, but group/class fundraisers will no longer be sent home to every student. You may be approached by a student to make a purchase to help them raise money for a specific event (field trip, Prom, etc.), but you will not be asked to sell for an event that does not directly affect your child.

We also have many people in our community that love purchasing our trash bags, mums, soaps and gift cards. We will continue to offer these items on a more regular basis (with the exception of mums that will remain seasonal). In the near future, we will have a “store” in the Parish office with these items on hand all year, but we are no longer asking you to go door-to-door with these items. We will be sending an order form home soon for anyone who is getting low on trash bags and soap. Also, please let me know if any business’ would be interested in using our trash bags and soaps.

Some other items discussed at the meeting….

*Spread the word about the school's website,

*Spread the word about our Facebook page. We are working hard to make this a page with up-to-date information and a place where you can ask questions and interact with other parents.

*Please, please send in Sunny D UPCs. Each class needs just 20 UPCs to get 20 new scholastic books for their classroom ($120 value). A six pack at Walmart sells for $1.98 and counts as 6 UPCs! Last year we were able to get 220 books, over $1,300 worth of books into our school. I hope we can beat that this year! Please send in all your Sunny D labels by November 20th.

*Haunted High is one of our biggest fundraisers….and let’s be honest, it’s a lot of fun!!! We encourage everyone to use up some of those service hours at the Haunted High! There are all kinds of jobs available even if “scary” isn’t your thing.

*After reviewing our fundraising, we learned that Bingo makes up approximately 58% of our fundraising. With this huge of an impact, it is extremely important that everyone do their part. You are required to spend half of your service hours doing Bingo and clearly this is for good reason.

*If you have not seen the new WC bags yet, you need to! These bags look great and at $25 for a large duffle and $15 for a VERY nice drawstring these are a steal! If you need to purchase one, pick up an order form in the office or print the form off the facebook page. We currently offer the bags, pencils and pens but we look forward to offering more spirit items in the future.

*With all the changes happening with pick up and drop off just know that PTO is also concerned about the safety of our students/teachers and we have formulated a plan. I don’t want to say too much at this time, but just know that we are excited and determined!

Please help us in supporting our school, teachers and staff. Let’s make this a great year for Washington Catholic!