Current Scholarships


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SENIORS: Last minute scholarship opportunity for you: The Washington, Indiana Knights of Columbus Council 630 will award one current Senior who has a relationship to a K of C member $250. Application forms are available in the Main Office. Besides being a son/daughter, grandson/granddaughter, nephew/niece, cousin to a K of C Council 630 member, applicant must write a one page essay including School and Church service, extracurricular activities at school, volunteer service in the community, why you should receive the scholarship and financial need. The application and accompanying essay must be postmarked or e-mailed by May 15th . The mailing address is Knights of Columbus Council #630, C/O Grand Knight Vince Sellers, 319 East Main Street, Washington, Indiana 47501. OR you can attach all required materials to an e-mail addressed to

SENIORS: The Citizens Against Zoning Abuse (CAZA) offers of $250 scholarship. The application form is available in the Main Office. Two Washington, Indiana Seniors will be selected. Although it is desired that the applicant’s plan of study includes Public Affairs, Zoning and Land Use Policy or an equivalent, OTHER majors may be considered. Supplements to include with the application form are an essay reviewing the historical information surrounding the Daviess County Zoning Ordinance found at, interview pertinent lawmakers and enforcement officials and document your findings stating pros and cons of Daviess County Zoning. The final paragraph should include your personal perspective. There is no word limit restrictions. Also, y9ou must include three personal reference letters from unrelated individuals—one school faculty/staff member, one from an individual who is instrumental in the Daviess County zoning process and a third recommendation of your choice. Application deadline is a May 15th postmark and mailed to CASA, Incorporated, c/o Michael P. Leighty, 12298 East 1400 North, Odon, IN 47562. OR attach the application form, essay & three letters of recommendation to an e-mail sent to

SENIORS: Sleep Scholarship offers a$1,000 Scholarship. Applicants must be current high school seniors or current college students; U.S. citizen, and have a minimum gpa of 3.0/4.0. They are looking for creative video applications that answer “How important is sleep as a public health issue?” using research and statistic to back up your opinions. AND “describe your current relationship with sleep and assess the quality of that relationship” again using research and cover at least two to three ways you think you could change your lifestyle/sleep hygiene habits to improve sleep health and how you implement them over the next year. Video should be no more than four minutes in length and upload it to You-Tube ( with the title “Best Mattress Reviews-Sleep Scholarship Application. Applicants must also answer a series of questions and e-mail the answers A list of questions is available in the Main Office as well as additional details. Application deadline is May 19th.

SENIORS: Students who intend to pursue postsecondary education at a community college or technical school this Fall can apply for the Horatio Alger Association Career & Technical Scholarship. The Association will award up to 1,020 scholarships in 2017 with a maximum award of $2,500. You can apply online at Application deadline is June 15. For additional information regarding this program please visit their website at:

JUNIORS & SENIORS: The American Red Cross would like you to join their High School Leadership Program where you can make a difference at school and in our community and have a chance to win a $5,000 scholarship. You can sign up at and click on “Create an Account.” Washington Catholic’s first Blood Drive is already scheduled for October 31. The High School Leadership Program has three levels of achievement: blood and/or platelet donation, volunteerism and donor recruitment. Students can work to achieve the following levels of recognition: Level 1: Make three blood or platelet donations. At least one of the donations must be made during a critical timeframe which are defined as the summer months of June, July and August or over the winter holidays between December 15 and January 15. Level 2: Complete Level 1 and volunteer eight hours for the Red Cross. To submit volunteer hours, you must provide the first and last name of the Red Cross employee that you worked with. If your volunteer hours were done in conjunction with a school blood drive, you can provide the name of your school blood drive coordinator in place of a Red Cross employee. Level 3: Complete Level 1, Level 2 and recruit five donors to donate blood or platelets through the Red Cross. These donors must be new (first-time) donors or have not donated in at least 3 years. Referrals may only be reported once and cannot be reported by any other program member. They are subject to review and must be verified in the Red Cross system using the information provided at the time of submission.

CLASS OF 2018: The Sleep Judge State of Sleep Scholarship offers the chance for a Senior to win a $1,500 scholarship. The applicant must be a current high school Senior or current college student and must have minimum of 3.0 gpa. Along with the application form on-line, you must create a short video (no longer than 5 minutes) that answers the following: “How has technology affected our sleep for better or for worse?” and “Assess the quality of your own sleep health and discuss some ways that you can improve it.” Make your video creative, innovative, informative, entertaining and interesting! Upload your video to YouTube and include th. e link when you submit your application.  You can call (306)533-7411 with questions. Application deadline is October 30th.