Why Washington Catholic


Washington Catholic from a Parent Perspective


Dear Potential Washington Catholic Parent:

We are often asked why we have chosen to send our seven children to Washington Catholic Schools.  We had none of the most logical reasons that most people locally would have.  We are not from this area originally and at the time we enrolled our first three children were not Catholic.  We were very passionate about giving our children an excellent education and having them in a community of people that would support the values that we were trying to instill in them.

The answer has evolved in the 11 plus years that we have had children enrolled in the school system. When asked today why I send my kids to WC, I would have to say that the single most important reason is that they allow our child to be the person God designed them to become.  They allow them the opportunity to discover those gifts in a safe and loving environment.  Whether your child is the math nerd or the star athlete (I have had both), they are allowed to grow and develop themselves as individuals with beliefs that their worth is in who they are in Christ, not just what they produce.  They learn they are valuable just as they are.

One objection we have often heard expressed is that our school is too small or that they are not getting a real world experience.  We feel that our size should be considered a great asset.  Each child is given individual attention and no one is allowed to fall through the cracks.  The teachers and coaches at WC truly care and want the students to achieve to their potential.  Our two oldest children are currently studying engineering at Purdue University and Biology/Pre-Med at Wabash College.  Both are doing well and both were prepared by their educations at Washington Catholic.  They were also blessed to receive very significant scholarships from their respective institutions. 

In closing I would say that Washington Catholic has not only helped our kids be their best, but it has made it much easier for us to be good parents.  It is a blessing not to have to spend the evening un-teaching things they have learned that are contrary to our belief system.  We feel blessed to have found WC and hope that you will consider giving your child this blessing as well.


Jeff and Chris Jarrett