Washington Catholic Sports

Here at Washington Catholic Schools, we offer a variety of sports during the school calendar year.  We sent a sports sign-up home with your child, but you can click here to print another copy.  We ask that students return sign-up forms to the MS/HS office by Thursday, October 1st.

Washington Catholic encourages each student to be a part of our athletic programs.  Please review all of our offerings and select which program(s) you would be interested in.  We also welcome parents to be involved and help with coaching and practices.  We would like to receive your sign-up form by October 1st, but we will also send out reminders for spring programs as the school year moves forward.  

Fall  Winter Spring

Boys Middle School Soccer (5-8)    

Girls Middle School Soccer (5-8)       

Boys Middle School Cross Country (5-8) 

Girls Middle School Cross Country (5-8)     

Boys Varsity Soccer (9-12)     

Girls Varsity Soccer (9-12)     

Boys Varsity Tennis (9-12)                        

Boys Middle School Tennis (5-8)      

Girls Middle School Golf (5-8) 

Girls Varsity Golf (9-12)

Boys 1st and 2nd Basketball  

Girls 1st and 2nd Basketball

Boys 3rd and 4th Basketball           

Boys 5th and 6th Basketball

Girls 5th and 6th Basketball  

Boys 7th and 8th Basketball  

Girls 7th and 8th Basketball

Boys Varsity Basketball (9-12)  

Girls Varsity Basketball (9-12)

5th and 6th Cheerleading

7th and 8th Cheerleading

Varsity Cheerleading (9-12)

Varsity Dance (9-12)

Boys Middle School Track (5-8)

Girls Middle School Track (5-8)

Boys Middle School Golf (5-8)

Girls Middle School Tennis (5-8)

Boys Varsity Track (9-12)

Girls Varsity Track (9-12)

Boys Varsity Golf (9-12)

Girls Varsity Tennis (9-12)

Please contact our Athletic Director, John Howell, with questions or comments at (812) 254-2050 or [email protected]