Dual Credit Transcripts

   Ivy Tech Community College Transcript Retrieval Instructions from Parchment

ENGL 111                                 HIST 101 and HIST 102

Students must request transcripts demonstrating credit through dual credit courses.  Instructions are detailed below.  Free free to reach out to Miss Birchler with questions.

  1. Go to https://www.ivytech.edu/registrar/3449.html and select the ‘click here’ in the first statement on the page: “If all of your coursework at Ivy Tech was taken Fall 1990 or laterclick here to request your transcript.”
  2. Upon signing into their Parchment account using their Parchment credentials (not Ivy Tech credentials) - or upon creating an account to do so - students then proceed to order a transcript ($5.00) or diploma ($10.00) and using the on-screen prompts select the recipient (a school, themselves, a third party, or another individual).
  3. Once selections are made, the options appear in the students’ shopping cart screen, displaying the requested order, recipient, and total price.  (At which point students may remove an order, continue ordering more transcripts, or check out).  If the intended order is accurate and complete, students select “Checkout” and electronically sign the consent form.
  4. Students then provide valid credit card information for payment (again, $5.00 per electronic transcript copy; $10.00 per diploma copy), at which point, they can select ‘Confirm’ to finalize the order.