Extended Learning Resources for Preschool Parents



Daily Lesson Plans and Activity Resources

Check out the lesson pages below for ideas to create fun and meaningful learning opportunities all day long for all of the major learning areas!  Try modifying them to incorporate favorite toys, games, or supplies you have on hand.  

Day 1 Home Learning Activities    
Day 2 Home Learning Activities    

Day 3 Home Learning Activities

Day 4 Home Learning Activities    
Day 5 Home Learning Activities    


Virtual Circle Time and Mini Lesson Videos

These videos are great mini lessons and virtual circle times that allow your child to experience preschool at home.  Singing, stories, science, and much more are presented to your child in a fun way!

Virtual Circle Time Hosted by Jamie White of Play to Learn Preschool and her sidekick Betsy, Online Circle Time is a free resource for parents of 3-5 year olds.  Each episode includes songs, stories, rhymes, fingerplays, games, and fun!
House of Blue

The House of Blue is a new video series featuring Blue, the Indianapolis Colts official mascot, and his family. Each Episode will be educational and fun for all homes.  Segments include:

  •  Did you Know – A teaching moment of the show
  • Kids’ Table – Featuring Blue’s children
  • Cooking with Carol – a cooking show with me
  • Mascot Minute – featuring one of Blue’s mascot friends
You can find Blue's full playlist of House of Blue episodes on the House of Blue YouTube channel!