President Ketzner's letter to Preschool Families

April 10, 2020

Dear Preschool Families,

The mission of our Washington Catholic Schools is to provide our students and families with learning experiences and opportunities that will enhance academic achievement.  Our dedicated administration and teaching staff have worked hard to meet our Washington Catholic Schools mission.  During this crisis with COVID-19, our entire Washington Catholic Schools staff has applied great effort to teach your child outside their normal school building environment. The enrichment packets and online activities are designed to provide continual academic enrichment.   Learning remotely and using technology is not the ideal environment for students, for nothing can replace face-to-face learning.  The ideal environment is for each student to be back at Washington Catholic Schools in their classroom with their teacher and peers.  Our teachers miss their students and would rather be with them in person as well. Our goal in providing enrichment was intended to encourage continual engagement in learning and to help your student transition into the next level of education.


Our administration team at Washington Catholic Schools has met to discuss your concerns about your student missing social interaction with their peers.  We certainly understand all the stress this COVID-19 has caused for you, your family, and the entire Washington Catholic Community.  We take your concerns seriously and want to be supportive to your needs.  The decision has been made to end the Preschool program for this 2019-20 school year on April 3, 2020.  We will, however, continue to provide your student with enrichment activities through May 15, 2020, the official end of the school year to support your student's academic achievement and continued desire to love learning.


To conclude your financial responsibilities to Washington Catholic Schools for the Preschool Program your student is enrolled in we will be sending invoices that will reflect any adjustments needed.  If you have questions about your invoice once you receive it please contact Teresa Joyce via email due to many of us working from home:  [email protected] 


We also want you to be aware that our summer program is on hold until we receive direction from Bishop Siegel and our health department.  We will provide you with information as soon as we are given details.  Information will be coming home to you about our programs starting in the fall.


During this time of so many uncertainties, we all are being challenged in most areas of our life.  The Washington Catholic Schools staff views our families as one family in unity working together to give each student more than an education, but the ability to contribute in this world to create positive change.  We are truly here for you and do not want this crisis to divide all the greatness we have become as one Washington Catholic Schools family.  We encourage you to email us with your concerns and questions and give us an opportunity to work with you and create solutions.  You matter to us, so please contact our Elementary School Principal, Kelsi Edwards via email until we are able to return to our offices: [email protected] with your concerns and questions.  


Please know my door is open to you and your family at any time.  Right now my door is your keyboard on your computer or cell phone, and I welcome your communication.  Also remember, no problem or concern is ever too small to address.  I do not have a magic wand to wave over all problems or concerns, but I do have a love of education and student achievement both academically and spiritually that drives my passion to serve the Washington Catholic Schools family.  It is a blessing and honor to serve with Washington Catholic Schools administrators, teachers and staff who are helping to shape our students to be our future. I look forward to meeting each of you personally when social distancing is removed from our society.  In the meantime, I am open to a Zoom meeting if you need a digital face-to-face.


May God Bless you and your family during this Easter weekend.

Linda Ketzner


Linda Ketzner


Washington Catholic Schools


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"All that you teach the children must be taught for the greater glory of God and for the good of the children."– Saint Mother Theodore Guerin