Troubleshooting Chromebook Issues

Troubleshooting Tips for Chromebook Issues

Nobody wants to think about technology challenges but sometimes problems arise even for the most experienced computer guru.  We've curated the following tips and tricks for handling Chromebook problems.  We'll continue to update this section with tips and answers  to address some of the most common issues to help make your family's Extended Learning journey as smooth and successful as possible.

My Chromebook isn't charging 

1: Ensure the power cord doesn’t have any physical damage such as bare wire or a crushed power adapter.

2: Ensure it is firmly connected to the wall outlet.

3: Ensure that it is plugged in on both ends of the power adapter. 



4: Ensure that it is plugged in on the right side of your Chromebook and you can see the indicator light  


5: You should now see the charging icon in the bottom right corner. If it is still not charging than you may have a hardware error causing the issue.



WiFi and Connectivity Issues

 1: From any place on a Chromebook you can press the settings button in the bottom right corner where the clock is located.



2: If you press the Wi-Fi option you can then select your home network. It will prompt you for your password if you have one.